Vine Antennas RST-BBB IC-705 | Backup Battery Box 12V 7Ah | LAMCO Barnsley






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Vine Antennas RST-BBB | Backup Battery Box 12V 7Ah | LAMCO Barnsley

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The Vine Antennas RST-BBB is designed to fit underneath the desktop supply and radio assembly with the IC-705 Combo and includes a 7Ah lead acid gel battery, presenting all three components as one tidy desktop assembly. The battery back up box also includes a speaker (mounted on the front of the unit) for those wishing to use hands free
radio operation.




Width: 163mm

Depth: 145mm

Height: 70mm

Weight: 2810g

Note: The measurement above represents the main body of the RST-BBB. The end-plates protrude further to allow
fixing to the radio.
Technical Note: RST-BBB contains SLA Battery 12V 7Ahr and 8Ω 3W Speaker







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