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Vine Antennas AS-CITY-40 | End Fed City Windom

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Vine Antennas AS-CITY-40 | End Fed City Windom

What’s a City Windom?

A city windom is a unique end-fed antenna design featuring a long wire plus a resonant matching network comprising a balun, a length of RG-58 and a line isolator.

The City-Windom behaves much like a normal Windom but is better suited to suburbia and can be suspended from a window to a suitable anchor point.

How Should I Use It?

There are three recommended configurations of the City Windom.

Option 1:


Option 2:



Option 3:

‘L’ Configuration

Note: depending on your installation, antenna height above ground, angle of installation etc. the antenna may need peeking to resonance.


Where is it Resonant?

By careful design of the balun, matching network and matching network of the antenna, your City Windom has the following SWR from 0 – 30MHz:




40M, 20M, 15M, 10M
(without ATU)
30M, 17M, 12M (with ATU)

Power: 1Kw pep Max


City 40 (‘L’)

Overall Length 56′ 9″

Over Length 17.2974m

City 40 (flat)

Overall Length 68′ 9″

Overall Length 20.955m








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